Lebanese demonstrators resume protests amid fuel crisis

BEIRUT, Protests continued on Thursday for the 43rd day in a row in Beirut and other areas, while petrol stations suspended providing car with fuel in protest against the Lebanese pound (LBP) fluctuated price aganst the USD.

A massive protest was organized in central Beirut moving ahead to the Central Bank of Lebanon (CBL), as the protesters called for holding officials accountable for the deterioration of financial circumstances. They also held banks accountable for the deterioration of the Lebanese pound position.

The demonstrators had announced an open-end sit-in in front of the CBL, before the security forces prevented them from moving towards the bank.

The protesters said that the depositors are subjected to blackmailing by the banks.

The LBP price against USD was fluctuated, as one USD is equal to 2,300 LBPs in the black market and 1,518 in other banks.

In Tripoli, north of Lebanon, the protesters organized a march, calling for releasing the demonstrators who have been held by the security forces.

There was a fuel crisis in Lebanon on Thursday, as petrol stations began an open-end strike in all Lebanese regions.

They stopped providing gasoline to cars, protesting against not ensuring sums of US dollars for companies that buy fuel from abroad in dollars.

Since October 17, Lebanon has been witnessing protests, calling for forming a government of specialists to be able to address financial positions and improve living conditions in the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency