Lebanese PM: Lebanon against any hostile action targeting Arabian Gulf countries

ABU DHABI, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri has affirmed that his government is against any hostile action against states of the Arabian Gulf.

“I in my capacity as head of the government I reject any Lebanese involvement in conflicts around us,” the official UAE news agency, WAM, quoted Al-Hariri as saying.

The Lebanese Government, he adds, rejects intervention or participation in any antagonistic activity by any organization targeting states of the Arabian Gulf.

Lebanon is an inseparable part of the Arab world; its stability is intertwined with the stability and security of the Arab world in general particularly with respect of political and economic dimensions, Al-Hariri said.

Commenting on the recent drones’ attack on Saudi oil facilities, Al-Hariri described it as a reckless step that placed the Arabian Gulf and regional stability on the brink of explosion and led to heightening tension in the region.” “We in Lebanon have confidence in the wisdom of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has shed light on the premeditated objectives of the aggression and refrained from answering the provocation,” he said.

He proposed dialogue among the regional stakeholders to resolve “the crisis,” stressing that the international community must shoulder its responsibilities in this regard and intervene to stop meddling in the Arab states’ internal affairs.

Al-Hariri is visiting the UAE, along with a delegation, to partake in a Lebanese-UAE investment conference.

In this regard, he expressed hope that the convention would pave the way for luring investments to Lebanon — particularly in the sectors of food, infrastructure, oil, gas and renewable energy. He also indicated that he would discuss with UAE officials how Lebanon could contribute to implementing the UAE food security strategy.

Source: Kuwait News Agency