Lebanese protest against parliament session on general amnesty law

BEIRUT, The Lebanese capital Monday night is witnessing popular protests against holding a parliament session to approve the general amnesty law due on Tuesday (tomorrow).

There was a march south of Beirut calling for rejecting the law, Lebanon’s National News Agency said.

Demonstrations and strikes will be staged as of Tuesday dawn on all roads leading to the parliament’s headquarters, some TV reports said.

There are calls for moving to Martyrs’ Square, in central Beirut, and to other areas so as to prevent MPs from attending the session, the reports said.

Some blocs and independent MPs announced the boycotting of the parliament’s session as it didn’t include reform bills, which they are the demands of the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Raya Al Hassan discussed with Director-General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Imad Othman the security measures to be taken tomorrow while the session is held.

The security forces have started carrying out tightened measures in the vicinity of the parliament, using barbed wire and steel barriers to prevent people from heading to the parliament’s building.

Furthermore, the Association of Banks in Lebanon allowed heads of banks to take proper decisions on resuming or suspending services at the banks located in the areas witnessing protests.

The association added in a statement that its step comes in respect of the freedom of peaceful protests.

It stressed its keenness on the safety and security of the banks’ employees and clients, amid security conditions and in coordination with the general departments of the banks institutions, the statement said.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri adjourned the session planned last Tuesday to tomorrow due to the protests. There are no changes in the agenda of tomorrow’s scheduled session.

Source: Kuwait News Agency