Lebanese security forces open main roads as protests continue

BEIRUT, Lebanese army and security forces opened a number of main roads across Lebanon as protesters insisted on continuing their sit-ins, said the National News Agency (NNA) Saturday.

The agency pointed out that life in the city of Tyre (Sur) is near normal and quiet amid tight security measures by security forces.

It added that life has returned to the commercial market in the southern city of Sidon, where shops and commercial institutions began to resume their activities.

The agency also noted that the international road linking the eastern Bekaa Valley to the south in the town of Memes has remained blocked since morning.

The protesters have left passages for emergencies and for military and medical vehicles in the enclosed sites, it added.

Banks, schools and universities have continued to close since the protests began on October 17.

Protests in Lebanon continue for the tenth day in a row, calling for the betterment of the economic situation in the country and also implementing reforms to hold law breakers accountable for their actions.

Source: Kuwait News Agency