Lebanon protests move on, schools reopen – ministry

BEIRUT, The anti-government protests have moved on in a number of towns in the capital, while schools reopened gradually in light of a rainy weather, official media reported Saturday.

Roads and schools reopened in Aley and Matn districts of Mount Lebanon province, in addition to Danniyeh district in north of the country, the interior ministry’s traffic control department stated, according to National News Agency.

Furthermore, roads in the southern city of Sidon and eastern governorate of Beqaa have fully reopened, the ministry mentioned, adding traffic is currently in a normal flow in all of Beirut’s southern and northern roads.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) Dr. Salim Sfeir told reporters the Lebanese banking sector have not seen any unusual or extraordinary movements of funds on Friday and today after a two-week closure due to protests across the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency