Lleida.net and The Professional Couriers Redefine the Concept of Digital Courier With Revolutionary New Service in UAE

DUBAI, UAE, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Spanish telecom operator and eIDAS Qualified Electronic Registered Delivery Services Company Lleida.net and Dubai-based Professional Couriers LLC have deployed in UAE the first “Native Digital Courier” service in the world..

Following a joint service development agreement between Professional Couriers and Lleida.net, a corporation listed in the Spanish MAB Euronext Growth, the new Service will offer in the UAE as a world scoop the newly redefined Digital Courier Services in a fast, easy, efficient way of reliably delivering electronic documents, notifications, agreements, forms and contracts while generating “Legally Admissible Evidence” of such deliveries and proofs of delivery and acceptance.

The new service will start to operate immediately.

Digital Courier includes services offerings such as Electronic Documents Registered Delivery, Electronic Documents Registered Ship, Sign & Return, Registered SMS, Registered Email, Electronic Documents Registered Translation Services, Electronic Registered Customer Onboarding, amongst other.

Digital Courier Services can be used by businesses for multiple purposes, such as proposals, offers, acceptance of terms and conditions, notifications, online agreements, purchase orders.

It is especially useful for debt claims following the recent UAE cabinet resolutions on debt claims and the use of electronic means for debt claims.

Thanks to Lleida.net patents (more than 100 worldwide, including GCC), electronic registered communications by Lleida.net do not require senders or receivers to have any special software, hardware or device, and registered delivery services are paid on a “pay per use” fee, with no licensing of fixed fee costs.

“This new Digital Courier Service concept in UAE is aligned with the UAE Government efforts on digitalizing businesses and people’s lives, embracing a ‘green-friendly’ growth strategy for the country and providing the most efficient way for Registered Deliveries, Proof of Delivery and Legally Admissible Evidence,” said Sisco Sapena, CEO of Lleida.net.

For Mr. Abraham P.V., General Manager of The Professional Couriers LLC UAE: “This Partnership initiative is putting us at the high-end of the Courier Business Digitalization, offering a native Digital Content Courier services in the era of Native Digital People and Businesses. We are helping our customers to truly leverage documents and communications digitalization while providing even more Evidence and Proofs than they got originally in the physical world, at a fraction of the cost, time and effort”.