Foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn said Thursday that after the Kuwait conference on reconstruction of Iraq he hopes that one can talk about reconstruction in Syria also.

“I just came back from Kuwait, from the conference on the reconstruction of Iraq, and I hope that in one year we will be able to talk about the reconstruction of Syria too,” he told journalists ahead of the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“I think that what we must support now is the resolution by Sweden and Kuwait at the UNSC. This would mean a small step towards humaneness. The war must end in Syria, it’s been going on for seven years now. Secondly, we must be aware that no one will be able to stop this war with weapons,” he stated.

“We need to concentrate on this UN resolution and as European Union see to it that we reach a phase like we have now in Iraq of reconstruction and reconciliation,” noted Asselborn.

“I think we must lead Syria into a transition phase, which is not easy as there are many factions to lead along, and then as international community we need to concentrate on the fight against Daesh, that is the task of the global coalition,” he added.

Source: NAM News Network