Macron, Putin discuss Syrian situation in phone call – Elysee

French President Emmanuel Macon and Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Monday held a telephone conversation to discuss the situation in Syria, and in particular the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta, the Elysee Palace announced.

The French leader called on Putin to “take real and concrete measures so that the Syrian regime…accepts unambiguously the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2401 and immediately ceases its bombardments and the siege against civilians” in the rebel-held area near Damascus.

Macron also insisted that humanitarian aid must be allowed into Eastern Ghouta without delays that have been preventing the UN humanitarian convoys from reaching needy civilians.

He noted that this was decreed by the UN Security Council vote and was “voted by all permanent members,” including Russia.

The French President additionally noted that, so far, no wounded or sick civilians had been extracted or evacuated from Eastern Ghouta and that the cease-fire ordered by the UN Security Council has not been respected.

He called further on Russia to “assume all its responsibilities to show the full credibility of its commitments.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency