Macron says “we work very closely together” in Syria

WASHINGTON, French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that in Syria “we work closely together,” and that “We will together work for humanitarian solution on the short term.” “In Syria, we work very closely together. After prohibited weapons were used against the population by the regime of Bashar al-Assad two weeks ago, the United States and France, together with the United Kingdom, acted to destroy chemical facilities and to restore the credibility of the international community,” Macron said addressing a joint meeting of Congress.

He stressed that “this action was one of the best evidence of this strong multilateralism,” where he also paid “special tribute for our soldiers because they did a very great job in this region and in this occasion.” He noted that “beyond this action, we will together work for humanitarian solution on the short term, on the ground, and contribute actively to a lasting political solution to put an end to this tragic conflict.” Macron affirmed that “one of the very important decisions we took together with President Trump was, precisely, to include Syria in this large framework for the overall region, and to decide to work together on this political deal for Syria, for Syrian people, even after our war against (IS).” On Sunday, in an interview with Fox News prior to visit his U.S. visit, Marcon said “leaving Syria to the Syrian regime and its allies will enable them to prepare for another war.” The French leader noted that the US, France, and their allies in the region, including Russia and Turkey must have a role after the war is over with IS, to establish a “new Syria.

Source: Kuwait News Agency