Macron to call Trump over US steel tariff row

PARIS, French President Emmanuel Macron will call US Prescient Donald Trump later Thursday to express his opposition to the US decision to slap tariffs on European steel and aluminum products, Macron’s office confirmed.

Trump ordered from midnight Wednesday that EU steel be hit with a 25 percent tariff and that a 10-percent tariff be slapped on aluminium products from the European producers.

The tariffs are in line with US policies with a number of other trading partners and the EU was removed from a list of countries benefitting from an exemption.

Trump’s decision has caused an outcry from the EU nations but also from international economic policy bodies who warn it could start a trade war.

French media quoted Macron as saying he deplored the US decision and the EU, strongly backed by France and Germany, said they will retaliate.

“France Info” radio said that Macron warned earlier against a rise in nationalism and the risks that a trade war and that this could eventually lead to conflict.

The French leader criticized the US decision as “illegal” and a violation of international law.

The Trump administration justifies its decision on the trade deficits it runs with a number of countries.

Marcon called the decision “a mistake” and a possible cause of “economic nationalism” and he noted that “nationalism is war” and he warned that this was what happened before WWII in the 1930s.

Source: Kuwait News Agency