Macron, Trump discuss Russia, Syria and trade in phone call

French President Emmanuel Macron discussed several international issues by phone Tuesday with US President Donald Trump, Macron?’s office said in a statement.

Top of the agenda was the ongoing crisis with Russia following the March 4 assassination attempt in Britain against a former Russian double-agent and his daughter, an operation that has met with a strong response from Western Nations.

Indeed, well over 100 Russian diplomats from North America, the European Union and other allied nations and NATO have been expelled following Britain?’s decision to expel 23 Russian intelligence agents after the Salisbury attack, which used a Russian-made nerve agent.

The two leaders in their phone call “welcomed the strong international reaction” to the attack on British soil.

They said that the reaction across the globe “underlined the solidarity towards the United Kingdom and the unequivocal condemnation of the use of chemical weapons.” On Syria, the two leaders agreed that “the fight against Daesh (IS) remains the absolute priority.” Both agreed they were concerned about the deteriorating internal situation in Syria, due in part to the Turkish intervention, and the risk that this would be a distraction from addressing the problem of so-called Islamic State.

On trade, Macron recalled to Trump the tariff issue on steel and aluminium and the fact that the European Union would not be hit with such measures and that fair trading practices should prevail and rules to promote this should be strengthened.

Source: Kuwait News Agency