Macron wants rapid move on Brexit after UK ballot

PARIS, French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that he wanted Britain “to move quickly forward” on the Brexit issue after the British general elections, to be held on Thursday, December 12.

He made the statement at a press conference alongside European Council President Charles Michel, of Belgium, according to France 24.

Polls show that the elections will be won by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Tories.

In a televised address, Macron said, “We stick with the method being implemented up until now,” calling for ongoing unity of the remaining 27 EU nations, which should continue to defend European interests and not cede to British pressure.

Britain is due to leave the EU finally on January 31 after several delays sought by London because pro-Brexit advocates could not get parliamentary support for the exit from the EU.

Michel, for his part, urged “a close relationship with Britain” after it leaves the EU, France 24 reported.

Source: Kuwait News Agency