Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Makary, on Tuesday inaugurated at the ESCWA headquarters in downtown Beirut, the ‘Sixth Conference on Libraries and Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage,’ at the invitation of the Lebanese Library Association, and in partnership with the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and the International Federation for Library Institutions and Associations (IFLA/MLAS) (IFLA/MENA).

The inaugural ceremony of the three-day conference took place in the presence of ESCWA Deputy Executive Secretary for Programs Mounir Tabet, President of IFLA Middle East and North Africa, Dr. Saif Al Jabri, President of the American University of Beirut, Dr. Fadlo Khuri, President of the Lebanese Library Association, Basma Chebani, ESCWA Library Director, Dr. Mohammed Zuhair Baqli, and a number of representatives of the International Federation for Library Associations.

In his delivered word, Minister Makary said: ‘Libraries and the digital preservation of Lebanese heritage,’
a title that summarizes the history of a nation and preserves its heritage and civilization. From the library and the archive, history begins, and through them it settles and continues.’

Minister Makary said that the importance of the archives of the Ministry of Information and state-run Television of Lebanon (Tele Liban) lies in that it is the oldest audiovisual archive in the region. ‘Lebanon Television (Tele Liban) is the first television in the Middle East and the Arab world, which was founded in 1959, and therefore has the oldest photographic archive in the Arab world and the region,’ the Minister said.

‘In conclusion, let me point out, as I am today at the ESCWA headquarters, in Beirut, the capital of culture and media, that Lebanon is working hard to strengthen its relations with international institutions, especially those with a regional dimension, and we adhere to joint work in all fields, including the economy, education, culture, health, and Francophonie, in a way that enhances regional integrat
ion and deepens understanding and cooperation between member states. Just as Lebanon was a bridge of communication between East and West, this is how it will remain, despite every new crisis, and it shall remain an illuminating center yesterday, today and tomorrow.’

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon