Malki hands request to ICC on bleak situation in Palestine

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Al-Malki, who is currently in the Hague, handed Tuesday to the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, a letter requesting the referral of Israeli war crimes committed recently against the Palestinian people.

According to a statement by the Foreign Ministry, the referral also covered “past, present, and future Israeli actions to promote, expand, and entrench the settlement regime, perpetrated by, or with the assistance of, the government of Israel or its agents and accomplices in the occupied territory of the State of Palestine, including East Jerusalem.” The statement added that “that there is sufficient compelling evidence of the ongoing commission of grave crimes to warrant an immediate investigation.” On May 14, the Israeli army opened fire on unarmed Palestinians who were marking the Nakba Day ad protesting the relocation of the US embassy to the occupied East Jerusalem, killing 60 protesters and injuring over 2,000 others.

Source: Kuwait News Agency