McGurk to lead US delegation at IS coalition meeting in Morocco

Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat the so-called Islamic State (IS) Brett McGurk will lead an interagency delegation from the United States to Rabat, Morocco, for a political directors’ level meeting on June 26, with key members of the defeat IS coalition.

The last meeting of senior coalition leaders took place in February, at the ministerial level in Kuwait.

“This meeting will be an opportunity for Coalition partners to discuss next steps to ensure IS is dealt an enduring defeat in Iraq and Syria and ways to accelerate our collective approach to defeat IS’s global ambitions,” said an announcement from the State Department on Friday.

This meeting will focus on IS’ presence in Africa and include a discussion of the coalition’s priorities within stabilization, foreign terrorist fighters, counterterrorist financing, and counter-messaging, it added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency