MDN reiterates rejection of transitional period, calls for dialogue

ALGIERS, Algeria’s National Defense Ministry (MDN) reiterated calling for dialogue to resolve the country’s political crisis, affirming the rejection of the transitional period, which it said would “create a situation that is difficult to control.” “The interests of the country require the adoption of a serious, fruitful and constructive dialogue,” the ministry said Saturday on its magazine.

It stressed that dialogue is the only way to accelerate the finding of appropriate solutions to avoid getting into mazes that would further complicate the situation.

The ministry also underlined the need to develop appropriate constitutional mechanisms for dialogue and briefing the arrangements related to this step with an appropriate mechanism, which is the formation of an Independent Electoral Commission and supervision.

The ministry’s magazine sharply criticized the excesses of “parties seeking in accordance with the logic of the gang to mislead the public opinion of the approach of questioning every national initiative good and worthy of finding a real way out of the crisis experienced by the country.” Algerian Interim President Abdelkader Bensaleh called on Thursday the politicians, national figures and civil society for dialogue in order to chart the path of consensus to get out of the political crisis experienced by Algeria and stressed his commitment to hold presidential elections as soon as possible.

Source: Kuwait News Agency