MEP: Israeli settlements are “war crimes”

BRUSSELS, Head of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Palestine, Manu Pineda, Wednesday, condemned the US announcement on Israel’s settlements.

“We categorically reject the Trump administration’s declaration that Israel’s settlements in the West Bank are suddenly legal. It is not up to the US to decide! Dozens of UN resolution, including most recently UN Security Council resolution 2334, have declared the illegality of Israel’s settlements,” said the Spanish MEP in a statement.

“Over half a century on, close to a million Israeli settlers live in the West Bank, connected with modern infrastructure to the rest of Israel, while Palestinians live in ghettos, surrounded by walls and checkpoints, under the barrel of Israel’s guns. This is apartheid,” he noted.

“The time is ripe for the EU to stop relying on the US to take the lead in the region and freeze all its agreements with Israel as pressure for it to respect international law,” Pineda concluded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency