Military gov’t replaces arrested Sudan president Al-Bashir

Kuwait, Sudan’s military has removed the embattled president Omar Al-Bashir from office and has put him under arrest with an interim military government set up in his place, the defence minister said on Thursday.

The move comes after thousands across the country have been taking to the streets since December, calling for Al-Bashir to step down after remaining in power for nearly 30 years.

Speaking to the people on public television, Lt Gen Awad Ibn Auf said that the cabinet, the parliament and local municipalities have all been disbanded, with the country to be governed by the military for a two-year interim period.

Air navigation has been closed as the country witnesses a three-month state of emergency and a one-month curfew, he added.

The supreme committee tasked with security in the country has been assessing “mismanagement, corruption and a lack of equal opportunities,” he said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency