MPW: Al-Ghazali and Al-Mangaf tunnels reopen after precautionary closing down

Ministry of Public Works (MPW) announced reopening several sites of rainwater collection after closing them down for precautionary measures, amongst such sites are the sixth ring road, Al-Ghazali and Al-Mangaf tunnels.

Ministry Spokesperson Abdullah Al-Ajmi stated to KUNA Sunday that the ministry’s emergency teams are spread across the country to face and deal with troubles caused by the heavy rainfall.

He indicated that the teams are coordinating with other concerned ministries and authorities.

Spokesperson Al-Ajmi also mentioned that the ministry previously distributed water bumps to areas were rainwater was expected to pool in order to avoid road closures.

He also urged road-goers to avoid being on the road while rain is falling as it might cause water pooling and hurdle traffic, indicating that they are currently working on a number of roads, and that he is currently on sixth ring road to oversee process of clearing the road.

Source: Kuwait News Agency