NCCAL offers cultural cooperation with US to support nat’l energies

Secretary general of Kuwait’s National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) Kamel Al-Abduljalil stated Wednesday that several ideas will be implemented as a future cooperation program between Kuwait and US.

Al-Abduljalil pointed out in a press release that he met Tuesday US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski and discussed mutual cultural and artistic cooperation especially in the film industry besides benefiting from US experiences in this field.

He also indicated this cooperation would create opportunities for Kuwaitis in order to develop their expertise in various fields such as film directing, editing, and related skills. Additionally, it supports what NCCAL has achieved in the Kuwaiti film festival.

Al-Abduljalil confirmed that his meeting with Ambassador Romanowski touched upon hosting renowned musical bands, cooperation on painting and sculpting through dealing with artists from several art schools.

Ambassador Romanowski expressed her gratitude to Kuwait National Assembly for approving a law on copyright and related rights to protect creativity and innovators, Al-Abduljalil added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency