Netanyahu wins Likud party’s leadership

RAMALLAH, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won leadership of the Likud party, on Friday, the most intense competition in the political bloc’s elections, which began yesterday.

Israel Radio said that 72 percent of Likud members voted for Netanyahu, compared to 27 percent for Challenger Gideon Sa’ar.

Sa’ar underlined that he would stand by Netanyahu in general elections that will be held after three months.

Netanyahu, who faces corruption charges, has been leader of the Likud party for the past 14 years and will lead the party in the upcoming Knesset elections, the third election in under a year.

Netanyahu heads the transitional government after his failure to form a new government to his opponent, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz.

Blue and White party won last September over the Likud party led by Netanyahu. The two parties were unable to form a coalition government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency