New British PM will accelerate preparations for EU exit

LONDON, New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated on Thursday that preparations will be accelerating to deal with any repercussions of the country’s exit from the EU by the end of October.

Johnson, addressing a parliamentary session, pledged to fulfil the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the EU on October 31, no ifs or buts, noting that it will not be delayed under any circumstances.

The new prime minister said he would not put any British candidate to fill a position of European Commissioners, which is scheduled to be renewed early November.

The Brexit agreement, which former counterpart Theresa May ratified, was unacceptable to the parliament and the country, Johnson said, expressing willingness to renegotiate a new deal but was ready to go out without an agreement if the Europeans refuse negotiation, he explained.

Moreover, the prime minister indicated that he would soon start work on speeding up talks on free trade agreements with world’s nations as well as looking at ways to reduce taxes to attract more foreign investment.

Johnson, the successor to Theresa May, announced the formation of his 33member government team, half of whom took part in the EU exit campaign before the 2016 referendum.

Source: Kuwait News Agency