Nicolas Maduro asks Pope Francis to support dialogue

ROME, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has asked Pope Francis to intervene to support dialogue with opposition forces.

This came in a television interview conducted by the Venezuelan President with the Sky News 24 Italian news broadcast this evening, which disclosed Maduro sent a letter to the Pope in the hope of receiving it during his current trip to the United Arab Emirates.

“I asked the Pope to assist in a process aimed at facilitating and promoting dialogue, hoping that the Pope will make the best effort and will to help us move on the path of dialogue,” Maduro said.

“The governments of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and all Caribbean governments in CARICOM have requested a conference for dialogue and peace in Venezuela on February 7,” he added.

Maduro refused to send a direct message to National Assembly President Juan Guaido, who declared himself a President; biu called on the opposition leaders to call for a change in their position in a timely manner, stressing that the course of the coue has failed.

He also rejected the European call for a new presidential election or the recognition of Guaido as a transitional president.

Source: Kuwait News Agency