OAPEC chief highlights achievements made throughout the years

The Secretary General of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) Abbas Al-Naqi asserted Saturday that the organization has made many achievements throughout the years, including extensive efforts to improve the oil industry.

In an interview with KUNA, Al-Naqi said that this year the organization celebrates its golden jubilee since its inception.

OAPEC is a regional inter-governmental organization established by an agreement signed in Beirut on January 9, 1968 by Kuwait, Libyan (Kingdom of Libya at that time) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The three founding members chose the state of Kuwait for the Organizations’ domicile and headquarters.

OAPEC chief noted the organization aims to unify efforts through its members to ensure that oil access to markets for consumption on fair terms as well as to provide appropriate conditions for capital and expertise investors in the petroleum industry.

He pointed out that the Organization is taking several steps to achieve its objectives, including taking measures to coordinate the economic policies of its members as far as possible, and taking measures to harmonize the legal systems in member countries and help members exchange information and experiences.

As for the role of the State of Kuwait and its contribution to the continuation of the work of the Organization, the Kuwaiti Government has always been keen to provide all possible facilities for the Organization to carry out its tasks, which has had a positive impact on the conduct of its work.

He added that Kuwait has contributed significantly to supporting OAPEC as a founding member of the organization, hosting its headquarters and hosting many conferences and symposia organized by the OIC General Secretariat, including the Oil and Gas Industry Forum.

Al-Naqi added Kuwait hosts many official meetings of the Organization, including meetings of the Council of Ministers of the Organization and the meeting of the Executive Office of the Organization, in addition to the specialized technical meetings, including the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Organization, which is due to be held next Sunday.

Source: kuwait news agency