OIC condemns Israel’s attack on Gaza

JEDDAH, The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned on Tuesday the Israeli aggression and military escalation on the Gaza Strip.

OIC said in a press release that this hostility is considered a blatant violation of the humanitarian international laws and international agreements.

It blamed the Israeli government for the consequences of such dangerous escalation, the statement added.

OIC called on the international community to hold its responsibilities by offering international protection to the Palestinian people, it said.

It called on the Israeli occupation forces to halt their continuous attacks on the Palestinian people, and to respect their commitments according to the international law, it added.

Israeli air strikes were carried out early on Tuesday in an operation targeting a senior commander of the militant group Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Strip Baha’a Abu Ata at his home, which resulted in death of Ata and his wife, while injuring a number of his children.

Source: Kuwait News Agency