Palestine calls world to declare E. Jerusalem official capital

RAMALLAH, Palestine called on all world countries Sunday to declare East Jerusalem as an official capital for the State.

Urging world countries that believe in freedom, peace, stability, and preserving international legitimacy’s resolutions is an important action, Palestinian government’s spokesman Yousef Al-Mahmoud said in a press statement.

It is also necessary to face the flagrant violation of international laws, which is currently being embodied by the continued Israeli occupation and US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as an Israeli capital, said the spokesman.

He called for a wide international condemnation and denouncement of Trump’s decision to move US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian “Nakba”, Arabic for Catastrophe.

Trump’s biased decision toward the Israelis is a blatant hostility against the Palestinian people, Arab nation, and religious sanctities, Mahmoud said.

The US President’s decision also legitimizes a state of global chaos, which is an unprecedented step because it permits any country to infringe upon another’s sovereignty, he added.

The international community must counter Trump’s violations of international legitimacy principles, including commitments for establishing security, peace and stability for the whole mankind, and preventing wars and destruction, said Mahmoud.

Source: Kuwait News Agency