Palestine welcomes ICC probe into Israeli crimes

Palestine’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday welcomed the declaration of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on opening an investigation into war crimes committed in the Palestinian territories.

This long-awaited step serves Palestinian continued efforts to achieve justice and accountability, the ministry said in a statement.

Palestine reminds the ICC chief prosecutor and the states parties that the crimes committed by the leaders of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians are ongoing, systematic and widespread, it added.

This makes the rapid probe into the crimes an urgent and necessary step, in accordance with the mandate of the ICC in combating impunity, it noted.

The ICC chief prosecutor ‘s move proves respect of mandate, independence and commitment to values and principles of criminal justice as stipulated in the Rome Statute, the statement pointed out.

Last month, some judges issued a decision that the ICC has a mandate on the Palestinian territories including Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. The decision was described by Palestinians as a “legal victory”.

Source: Kuwait News Agency