Palestinian gov’t draws to gravity of Israeli Likud’s land sovereignty vote

RAMALLAH– The Palestinian government on Monday warned against the gravity of a draft resolution approved by the ruling Israeli Likud seeking Israeli formal sovereignty on Palestinian territories.

The Likud Central Committee voted Sunday in favor of imposing Israeli sovereignty over illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The resolution is non-binding for cabinet ministers but carries some political force within the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

At this point, the Israeli occupation’s escalation against “our land and people is further speeding up,” Palestinian government’s spokesperson Yusuf Al-Mahmoud said in a press statement.

The Likud’s move is one form of this, and at the same time is the “most atrocious violation of the resolutions of the international legitimacy — forming a ridicule and disrespect of the entire UN system,” Al-Mahmoud added.

The Palestinian territories, that include the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem on top, are “land occupied by Israel, together with the Arab land, Sinai (Egypt) and the Golan Heights (Syria), during the 1967 aggression. They are subject to the laws of the (Arab) states” and not what the occupation imposes by force, he stressed.

According to the spokesman, all forms of Israel’s escalation against the Palestinians are based on the December 6 decision by US President Donald Trump’s recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Source: Kuwait News Agency