Palestinian Pres. vows to maintain rights of martyrs, prisoners’ families

RAMALLAH, The Palestinian government on Tuesday confirmed commitment of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to rights of families of martyrs and prisoners by providing them with a decent life.

The government said in a press statement after a meeting in Ramallah that the Palestinian side would resort to courts and international institutions and take all legal, judicial and diplomatic measures to counter the “Israeli assault on public money.” Meanwhile, Israeli media reported that the Israeli cabinet would endorse, in the next two weeks, deduction of part of the tax funds that are collected on behalf of the Palestinian authority.

The Israeli deduction would be in response to the Palestinian Authority’s constant payment of salaries to families of prisoners and martyrs.

The Palestinian government has said in a statement that the leadership, headed by President Abbas, who has rejected US aid, confirms its refusal to give in to blackmail and extortion. It says Israel has been seeking to blackmail the Palestinian authority to stop supporting these families.

Moreover, the US administration has to stop the policy of incitement and pressure, when at the same time it provides billions of dollars to Israel and lingering protection and silence on crimes committed against Palestinian people, The Palestinian government has affirmed that the deducted money is Palestinian money; owned by the public treasury, which keeps the public funds for the Palestinian people and the deduction from tax revenues is a continuation of “Israeli piracy on billions of Palestinian funds.” Furtheremore, the Palestinians consider Tel Aviv’s decision to skim off some of their money a clear violation of its obligations, made under signed agreements, namely the Paris Economic Protocol.

According to this protocol, signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel in 1994, Tel Aviv collects taxes on goods entering territories run by the Palestinian Authority and transfers them monthly to the Palestinian Ministry of Finance.

Source: Kuwait News Agency