“Partnership” against chemical weapons impunity expanded – France

PARIS, Four more countries have joined the International Partnership against Impunity for the use of Chemical Weapons, bringing to 27 the total members of this body, France said on Tuesday.

The “Partnership” has now admitted Norway, Estonia, Finland and Slovenia to the body that aims to track, sanction and bring to justice those who facilitate or use chemical weapons, the French foreign ministry said.

Meanwhile,Kuwait participated in the foundation ceremony of the “Partnership” when it was first established in Paris in January 2018.

It added that the expansion of the membership comes “in an international context that is marked by an increase in the use of chemical weapons,” and it referred specifically in its statement to the use of such weapons in Syria.

France and other Western nations accuse the Syrian regime of using WMD against rebel opposition groups and civilians, but radical Islamist fighters in Syria have also been accused by international bodies of using chemical weapons.

The “Partnership” aims to supplement other international mechanisms that investigate WMD use and seek to pursue those responsible.

Source: Kuwait News Agency