Parts of main Kuwaiti bazaar faced lifted with genuine Kuwaiti ornamentations

The National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters has overhauled some sections of the Kuwaiti heritage market Al-Mubarakiya, with decorations depicting traditional Kuwaiti construction designs.

Kamel Al Abduljelil, the NCCAL Secretary General, said after touring the bazaar, located in the heart of the capital, that the face-lifting covered 23 stores, all licensed and ready for work. Fifteen shops will be auctioned for businesses, in line with the NCCAL terms.

The renovated and new stores will be ready to be invested by young citizens, Al Abduljelil affirmed, in line with the State policy to encourage the youngsters.

He affirmed the council responsibility to preserve the genuine Kuwaiti features of the bazaar, marked with the kiosk of the late Amir Sheikh Mubarak.

Al-Mubarakiya is a favorite leisure and recreational mecca for locals and foreign tourists. The vast popular market is marked with spices’ aroma. It alleys are lined with displayed various handicraft products, traditional dresses, popular restaurants and others. Merchants and vendors also trade in fish, vegetables and dates.

The refurbished parts of the market place display dates and some plants, fed to livestock (the section is called Souk Al-Jet).

For his part, Bader Al-Deweesh, the NCCAL Assistant Secretary General, affirmed that the works covered the dates and jet souks, noting that the location where the dates are traded has been one of the historic and favorite landmarks for many years.

Al-Deweesh has also affirmed that the architects, keenly, preserved Kuwait’s original and distinguished building designs while overhauling the stores and other adjacent structures.

Source: Kuwait News Agency