Pelosi: Trump “gave us no choice” but to seek impeachment

WASHINGTON, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said Friday that President Donald Trump pushed Democrats to carry on with the impeachment inquiry because of alleged abuse of powers.

In an interview with MSNBC, Pelosi said, “When it was such a compelling national security issue, it’s just — he gave us no choice.” “Our members came to their own decisions in their own time about this… Impeachment is ‘no cause for any joy’. This is a sad time for our country… Trump used taxpayer money to shake down leader for his own gain.” Actions of Trump administration were “jeopardizing national security” and “jeopardizing the integrity of our elections,” she added.

Meanwhile, President Trump took to twitter and said, “The Democrats are now to be known as the DO NOTHING PARTY!” He added, “Sounding more and more like the so-called Whistleblower isn’t a Whistleblower at all. In addition, all second hand information that proved to be so inaccurate that there may not have even been somebody else, a leaker or spy, feeding it to him or her? A partisan operative?” “Adam Schiff therefore lied to Congress and attempted to defraud the American Public. He has been doing this for two years. I am calling for him to immediately resign from Congress based on this fraud!” He said, “If that perfect phone call with the President of Ukraine Isn’t considered appropriate, then no future President can EVER again speak to another foreign leader!”

Source: Kuwait News Agency