PLO urges int’l community for protecting Palestinians

GAZA, The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on Tuesday called on the international community to provide international protection to Palestinian people, and bring Israelis who commit massacres to justice.

On the 37th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila Massacre, Ahmad Abu Houli, a member of the Executive Committee of PLO, said in a press statement that the carnage is a gruesome crime carried out directly under the Israeli government’s order.

He stated that the murder left more than 3,500 Lebanese and Palestinian martyrs, mostly women and children.

Israel sought to destroy Palestinian refugees for over 71 years, and undermine their steadfastness, Abu Houli added.

The massacre will remain vivid evidence of international injustice against Palestinian people, he noted.

All carnages committed by the Israeli occupation forces will not undermine Palestinians’ steadfastness, he stressed.

He added that there was no statute of limitations of such crimes, indicating that the PLO will pursue those who committed these crimes against Palestinians.

The crimes of ethnic cleansing, forced displacement and confiscating of Palestinian people’s plots of land are a continued series of terrorism and violent massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians, he stated.

He denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements on annexing some parts of the Jordan Valley and the West Bank to Israel, saying this shows barbarism of the Israeli occupation.

Abu Houli condemned silence of the international community towards the crimes carried out by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian people.

He said silence pushes Israel to increase its attacks and crimes against Palestinians, and not compel it to respond to international resolutions.

Finally, he called on the Arab League’s Secretariat to activate the 2000 Cairo summit’s resolutions on making further efforts to bring the Israeli criminals to international courts.

Source: Kuwait News Agency