Pompeo confirms Syrian regime used chemical weapons in May

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that the US “has concluded that the Assad regime used chlorine as a chemical weapon,” in May.

Pompeo told reporters during a press conference in New York that the chemical weapons was used in an attack on May 19th in the Latakia province.

He added that “this attack is part of the Syrian regime’s ongoing violent campaign in Idlib.” He noted “it is also the latest instance in a long pattern of Assad’s chemical weapons attacks that has killed and wounded thousands of Syrians.” “The United States will not allow for these attacks to go unchallenged nor will we tolerate those who choose to conceal these atrocities,” he stressed.

“This is a truly barbaric regime and today the United States is taking new steps to hold it accountable,” he remarked, hoping for “a brighter future for the Syrian people.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency