Pompeo in Germany for inspecting troops, holding talks

BERLIN, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday began a visit to Germany to inspect American troops deployed in the European nation.

German Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Pompeo visited the troops in Bavaria in southern Germany.

Some 10,000 US troops are stationed in South Germany. He also visited “the Mini Berlin,” a tiny village populated by only 50 persons.

Although “Mini Berlin” is small in size and populace, it bears symbolic significance due to its location right on the erased demarcation line between the former east and west Germany.

Pompeo is scheduled to discuss with German officials a host of issues namely Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and international terrorism.

Germany is witnessing arrival of a host of world leaders participating in the nation’s 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that had marked the partition of the country into two halves during the Cold War.

Source: Kuwait News Agency