Pres. Abbas: we will not accept US peace deal, or mediation

RAMALLAH, Palestinian President Mohammad Abbas rebuffed on Monday the proposed US peace deal.

“Palestinians will not accept the US as the mediator by itself and will not accept anything it offers,” President Abbas said in a speech at the inaugural session of the 23rd session of Palestinian National Council in Ramallah.

“They talked about a deal. We said fine. Then we were surprised to find out that the deal was a slap that finishes off the peace process.” He stressed that Palestinians would not accept a peace deal that ignore the most important peace issues such as Jerusalem, refugees and settlements.

“If the US wants to offer a deal, then it should be a two-state solution with East Jerusalem as its capital. We will not accept anything else,” he laid it bare.

In this regard, he lauded the Arab strong support to the Palestinian rights, which was re-emphasized during the recent Arab summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He expressed appreciation of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s backing to the Palestinian authority and his recent donation to it.

Abbas also dismissed reports about negative stances towards the Palestinian cause as groundless.

On national reconciliation, Abbas said that he remained committed to ending the division with Hamas, despite the recent events which saw the Prime Minister Rami Al-Hamdallah being the target of a failed assassination attempt.

He, however, affirmed that he would not accept two authorities governing Palestine.

“No country that respects itself will accept two authorities. If they (Hamas) want reconciliation, we either we be in charge and assume full responsibility or they be in charge and they assume full responsibility. It is either a full reconciliation or none.” Moreover, Abbas called on Palestinians to resist peacefully but keep in mind the safety of children who are the future generation.

“Resistance is effective but I say here: keep the children away from the fence. We shouldn’t let children get near the fence so that they won’t get shot.” He reiterated the Palestinian Authority’s stance of non-violent resistance and solution of problems through negotiations.

“We believe that all can be solved through negotiation, non-violent popular resistance, fighting terrorism in all forms, and remaining detached from the internal affairs of other countries and we expect the same courtesy,” he said.

He criticized Israel for using live ammunition against Palestinian children.

“Between the year 2000 and 2017, 2027 children were killed by the Israeli occupation and more will fall, but we will not give up,” he concluded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency