Project Iraq expo kicks off in Irbil with Kuwait participation

IRBIL, The 13th edition of Project Iraq-Erbil exhibition kicked off on Monday with participation of 300 companies from 24 countries, including Kuwait.

The government of Kurdistan Region pays great attention to economic growth in the area, which is part of its development program, the Region’s Prime Minister Masrour Barzani said in his opening speech.

“I hope that this expo brings together merchants, investors, and owners of capital from inside and outside the Kurdistan region in order to make and secure other sources of income than oil,” said Barzani.

He stressed on importance of the economy and labor sector in providing support and facilitations for investors, businesspersons, and project owners in the region.

Barzani also affirmed his government’s keenness to implement laws and resolutions related to facilitating business transactions for merchants and investors, particularly registration of companies inside the region.

The top Kurdish official also affirmed his government’s strives to make Kurdistan a major center for commerce in the Middle East region.

For his part, Kuwait’s Consul-General to Irbil Dr. Omar Al-Kanderi told KUNA that his country is taking part in the expo through the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) with several Kuwaiti companies.

The Kuwaiti diplomat said that opening such a grand commercial exhibition under the current circumstances prove there are good and promising hopes in Iraq after years of combating terrorism.

He affirmed Kuwait’s keenness in contributing to Iraq’s reconstruction, as well as boosting commercial and economic exchange with it.

The exhibition provides a great opportunity for investment between Kuwaiti companies and its counterparts in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan Region, Al-Kanderi said.

He added that the current Kurdish government aims to encourage investors to work in its Region and Iraq as well through providing them with multiple facilitations.

Al-Kanderi also mentioned that Barzani and Irbil’s Governor Forsat Soufi visited the Kuwaiti pavilion at the expo and were profoundly welcoming of Kuwaiti products.

Meanwhile, PAI’s Expos Media Specialist Hasan Al-Tabtabaie told KUNA that some 15 Kuwaiti manufacturers are currently participating at the four-day event as part of PAI’s program to support Kuwaiti factories.

Source: Kuwait News Agency