Putin: Iran should not have withdrawn from nuclear deal

MOSCOW, Russian President Vladimir Putin regretted Iran’s decision to suspend some of its nuclear deal commitments, describing the move as imprudent since Tehran will be accused of terminating the deal.

“I have repeatedly said in talks with our Iranian partners that, in my view, the most expedient thing for Iran to do is to stay in the treaty whatever happens,” Putin told reporters following the talks with Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen in Sochi Wednesday.

“Because as soon as Iran responds to the US exit from the JCPOA and declares that it is pulling out of the treaty, everyone will forget that the US was behind its collapse and Iran will be the one to blame.” Iranian nuclear deal Iran officially suspended the execution of part of its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on May 15, Iranian news agency ISNA reported on Wednesday, citing a representative for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

He stated that the European had failed to secure the deal after the US withdrawal.

“Once Americans withdrew from the deal, the treaty is crumbling, the European countries can do nothing to save it and cannot truly work with Iran to compensate the economic losses,” he said.

He noted that Iran still, since the deal signing, was the most thoroughly-checked and transparent country in the world in this respect.

He reiterated words of the IAEA director who had said earlier that Tehran was complying with all its commitments under the deal.

“Well, what else can I say? Nevertheless, our American partners deemed it necessary to withdraw from the agreement. We regret to see what is going on now,” Putin stressed.

Commenting on the escalation between the US and Iran and the military build up in the Middle East, the Russian leader laid it bare that Russia could not intervene all the time to save everything.

“We will see what’s going to happen. Russia is not an emergency rescue brigade, we cannot save everything that is not fully dependent on us,” he said.

“We have played our role and are willing to continue to play this positive role. But it does not depend on us only, it depends on all the partners, all the players, including the US, the European countries and Iran.” Putin also stated that Russia is fully ready for normalizing relations with the United States as soon as required internal political conditions emerge in Washington.

“We are open but it is not about us, its about our American partners. As soon as they grow ready for this, as soon as their internal political situation changes in a way that it is conducive for work, we are ready to involve everything that is necessary on our part,” the Russian leader stressed.

The Russian leader hoped that “such conditions are created gradually,” especially after a report by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the absence of a conspiracy between Russia and US President Donald Trump’s election campaign.

“In any way, we feel so that American partners are interested in restoring the relations,” Putin said.

He noted that both sides have common interests, specifically, those issued related to strategic stability and security in the world and the non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons.

There is also both countries common interest in settling regional conflicts, Putin stated, mentioning Afghanistan, Syria and other problematic areas where “this work for the settlement of conflicts will hardly be effective” without the active participation of Russia and the United States.

As for the North Korean problem, it should be resolved in a way, in which “all the sides would be satisfied with the results,” Putin pointed out.

Source: Kuwait News Agency