Resigning ibn Auf win for people’s will – Sudan’s opposition

KHARTOUM, Sudan’s opposition forces of freedom and change considered on Friday the resignation of Chief of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council Lt.-Gen. Awad ibn Auf and his deputy Kamal Abdel-Marouf as a victory of the people’s will.

Earlier in the day, ibn Auf announced that he left the post and appointed Lt.-Gen. Abdulfatah Al-Borhan as his successor.

In a press statement this evening, the forces leading demonstrations in Sudan called on the armed forces to hand over the power to a civil government immediately and cancel any arbitrary measures.

They also called for keeping all members of the Omar Al-Bashir’s regime involved in crimes against people until they are tried fairly.

The forces called on people to take to streets and head to the headquarters of the army’s general command in the capital in mass demonstrations.

Al-Borhan was born in 1960 and served as general inspector of the armed forces and a supervisor of the Sudanese forces in Yemen.

Ibn Auf announced on Thursday the toppling of Al-Bashir as mass demonstrations had been staged against him over months. These demonstrations called on Al-Bashir to step down.

However, Sudanese professionals’ association rejected these measures and called for handing over the power to a civil transitional government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency