Russia accuses armed forces in Idlib to prepare for “provocative farce”

the Russian ministry of defense accused on Sunday armed forces in the Syrian City of Idlib of preparing for what it called a “media farce” and blame Moscow for it.

“The Russian Reconciliation center in Syria received intelligence from Syrian citizens in Idlib that TV teams affiliated to one of the countries in the region (which it did not name) came to film fake scenes of evacuating injured citizens to the Red Crescent hospital,” The ministry said in a statement.

“This play depicts armed men building old and torn infrastructure which they claim were torn down by Russian air forces. The building used by the armed forces was destructed by their own fights, all Arab and western media platforms will broadcast this fake play to disrupt Russia and to provide Al-Nusra Front iwth new sponsors through non-governmental organizations working in the city of Idlib,” The statement continued.

The Syrian forces laid control on the villages in de-escalation areas south of Syria. The free Syrian armed forces joined government forces in these areas in fighting Al-Nusra Front and so-called Islamic State (IS), it said.

The ministry noted that Russian forces provided aid to those villages.

Source: Kuwait News Agency