Russia calls on warring parties in Syria to exercise restraint

MOSCOW, Russia on Thursday called on all warring sides in Syria to exercise utmost self-restraint and avoid escalation.

Speaking at a news conference, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Russia urged all powers existing on the ground to exercise restraint and reconsider their acts to prevent further escalation.

She voiced her conviction that achieving stability and security in the northeastern Syria is based on restoring Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

She said that this move requires placing all areas under the control of the legitimate government in Damascus, including the border area with Turkey.

Zakharova welcomed the deals signed by the Syrian government and the Kurdish groups.

She indicated that some “sleeper cells” of the so-called Islamic State group exploited tension erupted in northeastern Syria in resuming their terrorist acts.

On October 9, Turkey began launching its military operation in northeastern Euphrates, saying it aims to eliminate terrorist groups and ensure the return of the Syrian refugees to their homes.

Turkey seeks to create a 20-mile buffer zone free of any Kurdish presence along its border with Syria.

Source: Kuwait News Agency