Russia-China veto of UNSC Syria resolution “shameful” – Pompeo

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed as “shameful” on Saturday the vote by Russia and China against a UN Security Council resolution to allow humanitarian aid for the Syrians.

“The resolution put forward by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, and supported by the US would have enabled life-saving assistance to reach at least four million Syrians throughout the country,” Pompeo said in a statement.

He added “unfortunately, the Russian Federation for the 14th time, and China, for the 8th time, failed in this commitment.” “Both countries preferred instead to provide cover and support for its junior partner in Damascus; thus placing the lives of millions of innocent civilians in the balance at the height of winter, while further threatening civilians by supporting the continued Assad regime and Russian military offensive on Idlib,” he stressed. “To Russia and China, who have chosen to make a political statement by opposing this resolution, you have blood on your hands,” Pompeo remarked. “Russia’s and China’s vetoes of this resolution demonstrate that these governments simply do not care that the horrible Syrian regime continues to obstruct and deny humanitarian access to its own people.” He noted that “Russia and China argue that the situation has changed, but that’s far from the truth,” as millions of Syrians “are still in need of assistance.” He affirmed that the US “will remain committed to helping the voiceless, the hungry, the displaced, and the orphaned receive the humanitarian aid they require to survive no matter where they live.” On Friday, Russia and China used their veto power to block a UN resolution drafted and submitted by Kuwait, Germany and Belgium to renew UN mandate for the cross-border delivery of vital aid to Syria through neighboring countries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency