Russia does not accept US pretexts to stay in Syria — Zakharova

MOSCOW– Russia on Wednesday slammed the US-led coalition “pretexts” to stay in Syria in violation of the Syrian sovereignty.

“The excuses for the coalition’s steps, which violate Syria’s sovereignty, cannot be accepted, especially when they are accompanied by remarks that the Islamic State was not totally defeated in Syria,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a news conference.

She, however, stressed that Russia’s presence in Syria is legal and in full compliance with the international law.

She affirmed that Russian forces had played a decisive role in defeating the so-called Islamic State in Syria.

“The decisive contribution to ensuring victory over terrorists in Syria had been made by the Russian task force, which brilliantly accomplished its task, helped the Syrian army to defend Syria as a sovereign independent state, and this has been recognized by international experts,” she said.

Zakharova dismissed the US claims that the so-called Islamic State has not been fully defeated yet.

She also refuted the US allegations that the US forces defeated the IS, saying that this is baseless and illogical.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced two days ago the start of pulling out Russia’s forces from Syria.

He later asked the federal council at the parliament to approve the expansion of the military bases in that Arab country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency