Russia is not culprit in downing Malaysian aircraft — Putin

MOSCOW, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday rejected charges implicating Russia in downing the Malaysian flight M7 over eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Putin, speaking during Saint Petersburg’s economic forum, said the passenger plane was not shot down with a Russian missile, casting doubt on credibility of a probe by a Dutch-chaired team of investigators into the deadly incident.

Nothing in the commission report about the plane downing is assuring, Putin said, charging that American sanctions on Russia aimed at undermining its development. These curbs are useless but harmful, he said.

On the US-Iran nuclear issue, Putin called for direct dialogue between Tehran and Washington to settle the question.

Scrapping Tehran’s nuclear deal with super powers will inflict losses in many states and this should be averted, he said.

Washington has recently withdrawn, unilaterally, from the 2015 deal, which stipulated freezing Tehran’s nuclear program for lifting sanctions.

Source: Kuwait News Agency