Russia: No evidence on chemical attack on Douma

MOSCOW, Amid world outcry and calls for action following the scenes of civilians suffocating to death in the rebel-held Syrian city of Douma, Russia, a main backer to the Damascus regime, has denied the very occurrence of the attack.

“Today, representatives of the Russian Reconciliation Centre have explored areas of Douma. Earlier, the White Helmets (Syrian volunteering rescue teams) had reported on use of chemical weapons. Results of inspection refuted all reports of chemical weapons use in the city,” the Russian Ministry of Defense stated in a press statement Monday.

It underlined that the medics of the Russian Centre visited a medical establishment in Douma and did not find any trace of a chemical assault.

“They did not find a person suffering from chemical weapons use. This is another evidence of absence of chemical weapons use in the city,” it said.

The Russian went on to say that all accusations made by the White Helmets as well as photos and videos spread in social networks with demonstrations of victims of chemical weapons use are another fake and efforts aimed to disrupt reached ceasefire.

Source: Kuwait News Agency