Russian Deputy FM warns of US pressures on Iran

MOSCOW, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov cautioned on Thursday that US pressures on Iran would lead to further escalation and risks of an armed conflict.

Russia told the US side about its views on developments towards Iran during talks held between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, Ryabkov said in a statement carried by Russia’s news agency (TASS).

Moscow warned Washington against tendency to slip into a large-scale confrontation in the Middle East region, he added.

He said it was a naive thing that US officials think pressures would eventually compel Tehran to get into negotiations with Washington under the latter’s conditions.

He expressed his hope that the US side would understand the Russian stance described by him as very clear.

Ryabkov said the US created a difficult situation through withdrawing from the nuclear deal a year ago and imposing sanctions on Tehran.

Meanwhile, Pompeo said, during talks in Moscow, that Washington does not want war with Iran, but it would retaliate in a proper way if its interest is attacked.

He added Washington would continue pressures on Iran until it becomes a responsible country that neither threatens neighboring states, nor spreads terrorism nor instability.

Source: Kuwait News Agency