S. Arabia at end of workshop vows to maintain support for Palestinians

MANAMA, Saudi Minister of Finance Mohammad Al-Jadaan said on Wednesday that Riyadh views the Palestinian cause as significant noting the continuous Saudi support for the question for decades and pledging not to “abandon” it.

Speaking at the final session of the Manama workshop “peace to prosperity,” Minister Al-Jadaan praised the gathering, saying “this is a great opportunity for (luring) noticeable international commitments for backing up the Palestinians and creating prosperity and opportunities.” “We will work with utmost efforts to back up the Palestinians and support the economic plan that secures prosperity in their areas and the whole region,” he said, alluding to the plan, breadlines of which were made public during the two-day forum.

For his part, UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs Obaid Al-Tayer said “We should give this economic initiative a chance .. we need to work together to minimize hazards of failure.” Meanwhile, Bahraini Minister of Finance Sheikh Salman Al-Khalifa called for hammering out a plan to build roads and a power sector for the Palestinians, in addition to the creation of works.

Jared Kushner, the US Presidential Advisor, affirmed that the gathering was a bid to help the Palestinians.

Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, said the plan, if executed, will reap great benefits for the Palestinians and “obviously it is not an alternative to politics.” Politics and economics are intertwined with mutual benefits, he argued, clearly reacting to Palestinians’ criticisms that the American-proposed plan at the parley failed to address the political core of the cause.

Source: Kuwait News Agency