SAB launches internal auditors’ training course

KUWAIT, Kuwait’s State Audit Bureau (SAB) on Sunday launched a training course pertaining to the body’s social responsibility and in application of its motto “partners and monitors.” SAB seeks the preservation of public funds through its monitoring tools, said the Bureau’s Assistant Undersecretary for administrative, financial and IT affairs Essam Al-Mutairi during the launching ceremony, acknowledging shortcomings of internal auditing units under its supervision.

Those discrepancies were pointed out by both the Cabinet and National Assembly, he indicated.

As for the three-month training course; lasting until January 9, 2020, Al-Mutairi said it includes internal auditors from the Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and the Commercial Bank of Kuwait among others, and comes in reactivation of SAB’s 2016-20 strategy.

SAB’s establishment came to achieve effective control over public funds in order to protect them and guarantee their sound use in application of provisions stipulated in its establishment decree 30/1964 and its amendments.

Source: Kuwait News Agency