SAB studied tenders with KD 720.7 million value in Nov.

KUWAIT, The Kuwaiti State Audit Bureau (SAB) said Sunday that in last November it studied 307 topics, including general and limited tenders, with an estimated value of about KD 720.7 million (USD 2.3 billion).

SAB expressed its opinion on 228 files valued at KD 632.3 million (USD 2.08 billion) or 74.2 percent of the total subjects under discussion during that period, said Auditor of the Department of Advance Oversight for Social Affairs Siham Al-Mutairi in a press statement.

The prior examination of some of the files studied resulted in direct savings to the public treasury at an estimated value of KD 725,292 (USD 2.3 million) last November, Al-Mutairi added.

She pointed out that the bureau exercises its prior control in accordance with the law of its establishment 30/1964 because this control is able to prevent any violations or damage.

Source: Kuwait News Agency