Saudi Crown Prince: political solution for war in Yemen possible

JEDDAH, A political solution for the conflict in Yemen is possible once Tehran halts it support to the Houthi militia there, said the Saudi Crown Prince.

In an interview on by CBS’ 60 minutes program Sunday and published by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper Monday, Prince Mohammad bin Salman deemed the ceasefire announcement by the Houthis in the previous days as a “positive step,” which will hopefully push for a serious political dialogue amongst the conflict’s parties.

Saudi Arabia will support all negotiations aiming at ending the war in Yemen, implementing serious measures on the ground to stop the war, he affirmed.

This is the second interview by the Saudi Crown Prince for the US Television Broadcasting System (CBS) since the last one in March.

Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition in support of the legitimate Yemeni government since 2015.

Several political initiatives were launched to end the war in Yemen namely the GCC initiative, the comprehensive national dialogue, several UNSC resolutions, specifically 2216, and the Stockholm agreement among parties involved in the war in Yemen.

Source: Kuwait News Agency